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Tevi’s contribution to CIoS LIS opportunities

Programme overview  Launched in January 2018, Tevi has quickly become one of CIoS most recognised and high impact enterprise support programmes. A Priority 6 ERDF–funded partnership programme, Tevi uses circular economy and environmental growth strategies to help businesses improve the resilience of their processes, increase productivity, and play their part in growing Cornwall’s unique natural environment.  Tevi has directly supported 255 businesses and is on track to surpass its output targets. While this progress evidences Tevi’s success, there […]

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Aims of Circular Fashion

What is circular fashion? The central concept behind circular fashion is the avoidance of waste. Circular fashion revolves around clothing that is designed, sourced, produced and provided in a format that encourages re-use, recycling, and recirculation. The creation of circular fashion involves the establishment of traceable supply chains, sustainable resource use, ethical treatment of workers […]

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