What we offer

Tevi offers enterprises bespoke support through a network of full-time specialists in the environment, sustainable development, engineering, design and business administration.

In early conversations, enterprises co-design their support package, working with our team to identify potential business growth areas. From offering networking opportunities to detailed support in developing new-to-business products, Tevi’s potential offerings are diverse and enterprise-specific.

For example, employees at Cornish SMEs are often too busy to develop official company policies relating to energy and the environment, or to apply to schemes recognising their accomplishments in those areas, such as the Cornwall Sustainability Awards. Tevi’s interdisciplinary team lightens the workload for SMEs by developing bespoke best practice environmental policies, information from experts in life-cycle assessment, and by offering guidance for applications to relevant accreditation schemes.



Led by the University of Exeter’s cutting-edge Innovation, Impact and Business (IIB) services, Tevi also provides SMEs with opportunities for shorter- and longer-term recruitment through the university’s many student placement and knowledge transfer ventures.


Local Biodiversity

At the same time, Tevi’s partners at the Cornwall Wildlife Trust support SMEs in areas relating to local biodiversity, including developing surveys and framework management plans for enterprise premises. These services can apply to general biodiversity or be species-specific, for example aiming to provide new and improved habitat for bees.


Data Driven Services

Further, Tevi is currently developing a series of data-driven environmental sensors and mapping services, aimed at bridging the knowledge gap between human infrastructure, including business premises across Cornwall, and the county’s unique natural environment. The technology developed through Tevi is delivered alongside management tools and expertise based at the University of Exeter’s new Centre for Circular Economy (CCE).


Workshops and Events

At the heart of Tevi’s support system lies its diverse network of SMEs. Through a series of themed workshops and events, as well as more structured Challenge Networks, Tevi’s member enterprises can meet to exchange ideas for best practice under the guidance of sustainability and business experts at the University of Exeter and partner organisations.



Tevi offer enterprises access to grants supporting new ventures related to environmental growth and the circular economy. For more information about eligibility and to discuss potential ideas for the scheme, please contact us.

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    Craig Bennett – CEO, The Wildlife Trusts
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    Esther Goodwin Brown – Partnerships Manager and Strategist – Circular Jobs Initiative, Circle Economy
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    Field trip feedback
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    Justine Laurent – Circulab
  • “Tevi has provided tangible benefits to my business. The engagement was very positive from the start, provoking me to think about ways to grow. Tevi also carried out incredibly useful research into orchards in Cornwall, helping me identify new suppliers.  Speaking at an event for five minutes led to growing interest in my products, and I’m looking forward to working with the Business School on a growth strategy.”


    Mark Rudge of Wasted Apple
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    Peter Lefort – Cornwall Council
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    Professor Jane Wills – University of Exeter
  • “It’s felt really supportive to know that Tevi have got my back. Starting Packshare has been very daunting, and Tevi have really taken a lot of the stress out of it. With support from Tevi we’re really hoping we can expand outside of Cornwall and internationally, and change the way the world thinks about packaging.”

    Roo Pescod from Packshare