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Finland x Cornwall: Circular economy approaches in the georesources

This was the second in our series of Tevi webinars exploring circular economy synergies between Cornwall and leading Finnish institutions. This time, we teamed up with the Geological Survey of Finland (GTK), a leading European competence centre on assessment and sustainable use of geological resources. GTK provides expertise that serves the interests of clients, stakeholders […]

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Wilding Land for Economic and Environmental Growth

Author: Amanda Goodwin, Tevi Challenge Network Manager  Challenge Network Introduction:  On 29th April 2020 Tevi convened the first meeting of its Wilding Land Challenge Network (CN). This CN aims to support enterprises across the region to recognise and implement land management practices that contribute towards environmental growth.   These practices could include allowing natural regeneration of land, giving space to wildness, planting edible / pollinator friendly species, supporting dark sky initiatives, as well as providing access to these flourishing areas for human wellbeing and health benefits.  The […]

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Tevi X Circle Economy

Tevi have teamed up with Circle Economy (CE) in Amsterdam to develop a range of bespoke solutions that further support the transition to a circular economy for Cornish businesses. This exciting collaboration draws on the international experience of CE and helps keep Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly plugged into European-wide networks of businesses, all […]

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Lagas goes LIVE

Tevi’s Environmental Intelligence data hub, Lagas, is now live, and available to view at This web platform, developed by Tevi with Truro based Vitamin Cornwall, allows Cornwall to share its Environmental Growth vision, to help guide the decisions of businesses, planners and the public. Lagas, and the wider focus on Environmental Growth within the […]

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Tevi support Cornwall’s creatives to adopt circular thinking

How can the creative sector and cultural institutions drive environmental sustainability? Introduction and aims Tevi was delighted to host Julie’s Bicycle, leading creative and cultural sector sustainability specialists, for a one-off workshop specifically tailored towards SMEs in Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly. The day’s interactive sessions  featured Cultivator Cornwall, which has recently launched a […]

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Tevi online events are supporting the transition to a circular economy

Manufacturing in a circular economy Tevi was delighted to invite HSSMI to deliver a webinar on the intersection between the manufacturing industry and the circular economy. The aims of the workshop were: Introduce the key themes of the Circular Economy and its importance to manufacturing Describe what the Circular Economy means for business on a […]

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