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NEW: For more information, see the TeviFIRE-E product sheet

It has been an exciting time for the Tevi Team. We are delighted to announce that we have now installed our first sensor package, the TeviFIRE-E, on the premises of Fishy Filaments in Newlyn! We have been busy over the past year developing our own sensor network for Cornwall (TeviSENSE), and the roll-out of our TeviFIRE-E energy monitoring package is a hugely significant moment as we enter the deployment phase for the network.

On a cold, wet morning Tevi’s Kyle and Vicky braved the winter elements at Fishy Filaments’ site at Newlyn Harbour – in fairer weather a lovely spot overlooking Mount’s Bay. The installation went very smoothly, thanks in no small part to the help and enthusiasm of Fishy Filaments’ Ian Falconer and electrician Tristan Weidner.

Fishy Filaments are a fantastic example of circular economy in Cornwall. Using end-of-life fishing nets from local boats as a resource they have developed a process that can recycle the nets into a high quality engineering-grade nylon, suitable to make 3D printing filament and other products. Not content with this, however, they are now looking to quantify and then to refine their processes further to minimise their resource use and environmental impact. Energy use is an essential part of a life cycle assessment, so the data now being recorded at Fishy Filaments are very valuable for this.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the watt-by-watt log of our process as we run it. The data will be invaluable to next steps in our mission to reclaim potentially harmful plastics from commercial fisheries and give them a productive second life. – Ian Falconer, Fishy Filaments

The TeviFIRE-E records energy consumption (and generation, if any) at 5 second intervals with a breakdown of circuits at distribution board level. Up to 56 circuits can be measured per installation. This gives a much higher level of detail compared to a smart meter, for example, and data is made available through our online dashboard.

Every business is unique and knows and understands their processes much better than we can hope to. For some businesses the system may record their entire energy use, for others it may allow focus on the specific places they think might provide the most insight. Our aim is to give businesses the information they need to identify the most resource intensive areas, where efficiency would have the most impact. This can perhaps make a business case for changing processes and equipment, or installing renewables that best complement usage and cut costs. Longer term monitoring of trends allows confirmation that any changes made have been successful. The information is also potentially useful to Tevi’s wider research into resource use, but all data are securely transmitted and securely stored on our servers and never shared publicly without the permission of the business.

Alongside the TeviFIRE-E, we can also supply our new TeviVISION system. This is effectively a screen, a digital signage system that is particularly suited to public-facing businesses that want to display their energy use dashboard and other relevant information, showing customers how the business is engaging with the circular economy, resource efficiency and the environment.

Comparable commercially available systems would cost thousands to install. This sort of investment is not realistic for many SMEs and we wanted to help give access to this incredibly valuable data. We have 25 TeviFIRE-E systems now available for installation on a first-come, first-served basis and all our systems are installed free of charge to Tevi businesses. In later phases we also aim to provide additional complementary systems to measure, for example, detailed water usage and waste generation.

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