On 15th September Tevi’s event entitled, ‘What Next for the Future of Sustainable Georesources?’ launched our Sustainable Geororesources report and concluded our Sustainable Georeosurces Challenge Network.

The day talked optimistically about the digital, distributed and dynamic future for sustainable georesources across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. The lively panel discussion considered the challenges faced by SMEs, in particular with regards to funding and investment. The site tour gave attendees an interactive appreciation of geothermal potential across Cornwall.

What do we mean by georesources? Materials, services and sources of inspiration that come from the ground beneath our feet are georesources.  The bright, engaging report commissioned by Tevi looks at georesources as a broad spectrum, and the value to stakeholders of those less obvious or tangible resources such as the attraction of tourist to our landscapes.

The gloriously sunny day began with networking over hot beverages and cake bites outside the UK’s first geothermal power project at United Downs. Tevi’s Vicky Smyth opened the session by detailing the progress of the Georesources Environmental Challenge Network (ECN) including the events leading up to the report’s inception and completion.

Rob Cartwright from Ver Facil spoke about the low powered, environmental sensors available through Tevi and their ability to continue to collect vital data in the most remote places (including underground!) due to the convenience of LoRaWAN.

Matthew Clifford, CEO of the Cornwall Geothemal Distillery Company revealed details of the Celsius Project emerging next to the Geothermal Power project. Shag Sigafoos gave a rapid overview of the Deep Digital Cornwall Project at the University of Exeter. Jane Chapman from Geothermal Engineering Limited took the site tour of the Geothermal Power Plant Project. Nic Bilham, Sarah Gordon and Frances Wall engaged the audience in an informative panel discussion, covering many relevant topics. The Cornish Barista supplied excellent, self-contained catering from their mobile facilities outside, adding to the safety of the participant experience.

“I very much enjoyed presenting our project vision and challenges to your audience and also the opportunity to meet new people and reconnect with others. A net zero future is not possible without considering how we will access and utilise resources below the ground in a circular and sustainable way. Geothermal and Georesources are fascinating areas, but Cornwall can be a challenging county within which to bring innovative developments to life, the Tevi Georesources report illustrates what is possible.”

Matthew Clifford, CEO of the Cornwall Geothemal Distillery Company

The Georesources ECN

This Environmental Challenge Network started in 2019 with a focus on the circular applications of waste mining materials as a workshop held at the Maritime Museum. In the spirit of our Challenge Networks in thinking outside the box and collaboration, the next event brought together creatives and scientists on a site visit to the Imerys laboratories in 2020. Branched events focused on the prospects of Lithium in Cornwall, both held at the Old Bakery Studios. During the height of the Covid-19 restrictions a two-part series in conjunction with Digipolis was held online. It was around this time that a report as being drawn together to illustrate the value and extent of sustainable georesources in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.


The final report aims to stimulate dialogue and collaboration between geo-communities and public communities by demonstrating the importance of local georesources for environmental growth. The document is to be used as an opportunity for businesses and councillors from across Cornwall to learn more about the future optimisation of local georesources.

Access the full report HERE

Many thanks are due to the authors Nic Bilham, Sarah Gordon and Frances Wall.

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