Tevi was delighted to invite HSSMI to deliver a webinar on the intersection between the manufacturing industry and the circular economy. The aims of the workshop were:

  • Introduce the key themes of the Circular Economy and its importance to manufacturing
  • Describe what the Circular Economy means for business on a practical level
  • Deliver an open Q&A session for Cornish SMEs

The Q&A session was broken down into five themes: Waste, Supply Chain, Buy-in, Design and Business Models.

HSSMI Background

HSSMI is a sustainable manufacturing innovation consultancy, committed to helping forward-thinking manufacturing companies achieve their goals. HSSMI works across manufacturing industries to help companies respond to market challenges by increasing productivity, upscaling their products and processes, and transitioning towards a circular economy. HSSMI has worked with government bodies, established manufacturers, and aspiring start-ups. HSSMI connect experts who are practical and realistic with people who want to make their products in an innovative, cost-effective and sustainable way.

To access the slides used by HSSMI click here

Watch the webinar now: