Tevi Grant Fund – Second Call 

Open: 22nd June 2021 

Close: 14th July 2021 


  • Repair and re-use 
  • Nature recovery 
  • Nature, mental health and wellbeing 
  • Construction 
  • Community resilience 

A. Standard Grants 

The Tevi Project’s Grant Fund is open under the current call.  Applicants should already be registered with us and working with a member of the Tevi team, who will help with the first stage, the grant referral form.  Once completed this will be independently scored and, if successful, invited to the full application stage managed by our delivery partner, the Cornwall Development Company. 

For these calls we are aiming to fund up to three grants in each of the following topics.  Up to £3,000 is available for each grant (at an intervention rate of 65%). The minimum grant is £1,000. 

  1. Repair and re-use.  Central to the core concept of a circular economy is the closing – or tightening – of waste leaks from economic activity.  The commonly quoted hierarchy – repair, re-use, -re-purpose and recycle – is vital to think through in terms of different materials, networks, and capacities.  At Tevi, we’d like to support SMEs to make these steps, particularly looking at the first steps of this hierarchy.
  2. Nature recovery.  Nature is under enormous pressure in our region.  We are looking to support enterprises find innovative, novel and scalable ways of demonstrating how this decline can be reversed, and how business can play its part.
  3. Nature, mental health and wellbeing.  Understanding, accessing and engaging with the natural environment – green or blue – is increasingly well understood as an effective way of addressing broad mental wellbeing problems.  We would like to support enterprises develop their work in providing such services in innovative and sustainable ways.
  4. Construction.  The construction industry is enormously resource intensive and, sadly, very wasteful. Many enterprises are looking at news ways to reduce that waste.  It’s also a key sector when it comes to building back better –and increasing nature in our region.  We want to support enterprises across the sector, large and small, to make the changes needed.
  5. Community resilience.  Local communities, charities and CICs often struggle to access grant support.  Qualifying organisations are invited to think about projects to support nature and/or the circular economy; we want to support new services that make changes to people’s lives as we emerge into a post-covid economy. 


B. Challenge Network Grants 

In addition, through our Challenge Networks we want to work with eligible enterprises to identify opportunities for larger investments (£6,000, also at 65% intervention rate).  One of these larger grants will be made available via the corresponding Challenge Network, for each of the four topics listed above.   

A Challenge Network is a collaborative partnership of businesses, researchers at the University of Exeter, and third party experts that comes together to find a business-led solution to a particular problem, issue or opportunity.  They look at things that, once addressed, can move our region forwards in terms of the circular economy and environmental growth.  You can find out more at https://tevi.co.uk/challenge-networks.  To get involved in this work please contact our Challenge Network manager, Vicky Smyth at [email protected]