Next Tevi Grant Fund call coming soon!

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The First Group of Calls for the Tevi Grant Fund 2021 to 2022 included the following topics:

  • Habitat Regeneration
  • Alternative Fuels
  • Food Systems
  • Innovation in the Marine Environment


1st Fund Opens: 5th March 2021

1st Fund Closes: 1st April 2021


Standard Grants

The Tevi Project is initiating its first set of open calls for its Grant Fund.  Applicants should already be registered with us and working with a member of the Tevi team, who will help with the first stage, the grant referral form.  Once completed this will be independently scored and, if successful, invited to the full application stage managed by our delivery partner, the Cornwall Development Company.

For these calls we are aiming to fund up to three grants in each of the following topics.  Up to £3,000 is available for each grant (at an intervention rate of 65%). The minimum grant is £1,000.

1          Habitat regeneration

Projects that aim to secure the recovery and growth of habitats for wildlife; strengthening green corridors; reversing species decline; linking in with Cornwall’s Nature Recovery Plan and Environmental Growth Strategy.

2          Alternative fuels

For transport or operational improvement projects that result in a transition away from fossil fuels to more environmental alternatives. Projects could include investing in EV charging infrastructure, storage equipment for non-mineral vehicle and/ or vessel fuel, or projects that eliminate the reliance on oil or gas for production operations.

3          Food systems

Projects that aim to improve the local food system following the waste hierarchy of prevent, recycle, recover and dispose. These projects could address issues such as packaging, food poverty, or local food waste management (i.e. composting), and should align to the UK’s National Food Strategy.

4          Innovation in the marine environment

For projects investing in new technologies, approaches or products that help protect the marine environment through pollution reduction or habitat creation initiatives. Projects should align to relevant elements of Cornwall’s Maritime Strategy.  


Challenge Network Grants

In addition, through our Challenge Networks we want to work with eligible enterprises to identify opportunities for larger investments (£6,000, also at 65% intervention rate).  One of these larger grants will be made available via the corresponding Challenge Network, for each of the four topics listed above.

A Challenge Network is a collaborative partnership of businesses, researchers at the University of Exeter, and third party experts that comes together to find a business-led solution to a particular problem, issue or opportunity.  They look at things that, once addressed, can move our region forwards in terms of the circular economy and environmental growth.  You can find out more at  To get involved in this work please contact our Challenge Network manager, Vicky Smyth – [email protected]