We are delighted to announce that we have a new Tevi Grant Fund available for Small & Medium Sized Enterprises (SME’s) across Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly. We are looking to support innovative projects that fulfil our criteria (see below) and can be completed within the allotted time frame.


Dr Dan Bloomfield, Tevi Project Manager said:

“With our new Grant Fund the Tevi team are looking to support projects that are going to have a lasting impact on the way Cornwall seeks to conduct its business moving forward. We have always supported cutting edge, and innovative projects, but this is our last big push to support new ways of working and living across the county. We have staff and expertise from the University of Exeter, experts from Cornwall Wildlife Trust and the team from Cornwall Council to make this a simple and easy application”.

ERDF eligibility

  • Is your organisation a small-medium sized enterprise with a head count of less than 250 employees?
  • Your organisation has a turnover of less than the equivalent of €50 million and a balance sheet of less than the equivalent of €43 million?
  • Your organisation has not received more than the equivalent of €200 000 (approximately £176 000) of state aid in the last three years?

If you have a project that you feel might be eligible book a free place at our Tevi Grant Fund launch event on Wednesday 28th September where you can discuss your ideas, ask questions and get help in completing your application.


Is Tevi Funding suitable for you? 

We are looking for new services/products that contribute to environmental growth and/or the circular economy/resource efficiency.

We will support you with your application, however to be eligible you must:

  • Not have applied for funding previously under the Tevi grant fund
  • Ensure the project being supported is not primary production E.g. mining, agriculture, fishing and forestry.
  • Ensure your project contributes to one of Tevi’s key aims of Environmental Growth or Circular Economy
  • Ensure the scale is appropriate (average grant of £10k)
  • Ensure the project has not yet begun? (i.e. no agreements or payments have been made to suppliers) and no activity can take place until an offer letter has been received, signed, returned and receipt confirmed.
  • Deliver the project and claim before 31 Mar 2023?
  • Pay for the project in full and then claim back costs from the University of Exeter after the project is complete

Other considerations:

  • Do you have a lead organisation / SME / Community Interest Company (CIC) /individual?
  • Will the project lead to something new to your business?
  • Are the timescales appropriate (4-6 weeks for appraisal prior to Offer Letter)?
  • Do you have match funding secured – private not public match.
  • Is the project a legal requirement? – if so, then the project is ineligible
  • Do you need planning consent ?– if so, this will have a major impact on timescales.
  • Can the project be funded by another grant pot (e.g. the Countryside Stewardship Scheme)?
  • Are you happy to devote a little time to completing the application paper work?


If you have any questions or would like to discuss your potential application please come to our Tevi Grant Fund Launch event  – book tickets HERE