A Cornish business supported by Tevi, PK Porthcurno (previously the Telegraph Museum Porthcurno) has been announced as the winner of the Association for Cultural Enterprises GREEN AWARD 2020, for their innovative new Planet PK project which launched this spring. Planet PK is an ongoing environmental programme which looks to the future of Porthcurno Valley and recognises the museum’s shared responsibility to the habitat, biodiversity and impact of residents and visitors on this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Planet PK has been established with advice and funding from Tevi, a unique business support programme for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly that aims to build greener businesses whilst enhancing the natural environment.

Working with the Eden Project, PK Porthcurno have replanted their carpark borders with pollen producing wildflowers that support biodiversity in the valley. These will flower for the first time this summer and will then be an established feature of the valley to be enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. The museum café has introduced a range of vegan food options, and sustainable sourcing has become a priority for the museum which has taken great steps towards becoming plastic free across its retail, catering, programming and engagement activities, and where possible switching its supplies to recycled, vegan and cruelty free products. Renewable energy panels have been installed at the museum, while their Green Travel initiative means that visitors arriving at PK Porthcurno by bus are given discounted entry to the museum.

The woodland, springs and streams that make up the museum site have been cleared of any plastics and broken glass that have accumulated over the years, making the environment safer for the deer, foxes and squirrels that live there. Five beehives have been introduced to the site, and these are now producing honey which is for sale in the museum shop.

PK Porthcurno have also been working in partnership with the National Trust on clearing invasive species from the valley site, and rewilding land above the museum. In a further move to support local wildlife, Museum Director, Julia Twomlow has been trained as a volunteer Marine Mammal Medic with the British Divers Marine Life Rescue service, helping with the rescue of stranded and distressed marine mammals on the West Cornwall coast.

Sue Croxford, the Association for Cultural Enterprises Award Manager, said: “The judges recognised that as well as making tangible changes, Planet PK is helping to embed values in the organisation’s business and marketing plans to ensure it is central to all decision-making. It’s a truly holistic approach that goes well beyond product and looks at everything from biodiversity and sustainability promotion to reducing the potential impact of high footfall. There is some strong partnership working involved with relevant experts, and the organisation is also looking beyond their direct area of influence and to their surroundings.”

 Dr Dan Bloomfield, Project Manager at Tevi, said :“Tevi is especially proud to support our partners at PK Porthcurno. The work they have carried out there exemplifies what Tevi is all about – growing the environment and growing businesses, at the same time.  The museum is a beacon for thinking about the future whilst learning form the past – very well done to the whole team down in Porthcurno!”

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