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Innovation in Cornish Construction Materials – Groundworks

When Building Back Greener means taking a closer look at the foundations. The second installment of Tevi’s new Challenge Network on Sustainable Construction focused on an area of development that is vital, yet often overlooked: the ground.   Birgit Höntzsch, Chair of Landscape Institute South West Branch, Committee Member for Constructing Excellence Cornwall Hub and […]

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Innovation in Cornish Construction Materials – New Challenge Network Launch

How will construction materials be used to ensure we Build Back Greener? One of a brand new series, as part of our Challenge Networks, this half-day event focused on innovations in material production, reduction and re-use on construction developments. The session showcased new perspectives on traditional building materials with future-focused examples of new products. The […]

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The role of big data in driving innovation and solving global challenges

On Tuesday 14th July, Amanda Goodwin (Tevi Challenge Network Manager) joined The Chartered Institute of Waste Management (CIWM) South West Council to discuss the role of ‘big data’ in driving innovation and solving global challenges. To view the recording of the session, click here.  Introducing big data:  Big data refers to large datasets that can be analysed to extract […]

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