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Tevi bring in expertise from the Netherlands to speed up Cornwall’s transition to a Circle Economy

Tevi have teamed up with Circle Economy (CE) in Amsterdam to develop a range of bespoke solutions that further support the transition to a circular economy for Cornish businesses. This exciting collaboration draws on the international experience of CE and helps keep Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly plugged into European-wide networks of businesses, all […]

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Tevi online events are supporting the transition to a circular economy

Manufacturing in a circular economy Tevi was delighted to invite HSSMI to deliver a webinar on the intersection between the manufacturing industry and the circular economy. The aims of the workshop were: Introduce the key themes of the Circular Economy and its importance to manufacturing Describe what the Circular Economy means for business on a […]

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The Impact of COVID-19 on Cornish Businesses and Environment

Author: Dr Dave Rymer Lessons from China As the epicentre of the outbreak, the first country to put in place major lockdown, and now the first country to enter a phase of re-opening for business, how has China fared, and what can Cornwall’s SMEs learn from this? As a result of city- and province-wide shutdowns […]

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