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Making the Circular Economy Work

Hosted by Tevi, this online session brought together sustainability professionals and businesses that successfully contribute to a circular economy (CE) transition in Cornwall, Scotland and the Netherlands and aimed to reconcile best practice approaches. The event involved the presentation of three programmes aiming to promote the transition to CE through business support, stakeholder engagement and […]

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Academics & business leaders discuss Cornwall’s Circular Jobs Monitor

Described by Professor Stefano Pascucci as “A historical moment” this session introduced Cornwall’s Circular Jobs Monitor and provided the opportunity for academics and business leaders to discuss the report findings and potential impact. The baseline report was recently published through a collaboration between Tevi and Circle Economy in the Netherlands. The full report can be downloaded here. […]

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Implement circular economy strategies to increase resilience, improve efficiencies, and grow sustainably

Circular Self-Assessment now open for Tevi members Author: Amanda Goodwin    The Tevi Circular Self-Assessment helps you map and measure where your organisation is excelling, as well as where improvements can still be made, by harnessing circular economy strategies to increase resilience, improve efficiencies, and grow sustainably. The assessment is designed so that Cornish SMEs can better understand circular economy practice for their own business, and prioritise actions that will […]

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Tevi online events are supporting the transition to a circular economy

Manufacturing in a circular economy Tevi was delighted to invite HSSMI to deliver a webinar on the intersection between the manufacturing industry and the circular economy. The aims of the workshop were: Introduce the key themes of the Circular Economy and its importance to manufacturing Describe what the Circular Economy means for business on a […]

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