Changing our food system is one of the most impactful actions we can take to address climate change, create flourishing rural communities, and rebuild biodiversity.

The current food system has resulted in the loss of many small scale food producers and manufacturers to national conglomerates. It has also resulted in inconceivable volumes of food being wasted and habitat destroyed. The food system has a very leaky value chain that’s ripe for redesigning and rethinking, to ensure its positive symbioses with nature and humans.

Tevi’s Sustainable Food Challenge Network on 28th July 2020 bought together businesses, researchers, and policy makers with the aim of identifying and nurturing new approaches and innovations to change the food system.

This event showcased two brilliant SW-based examples of these innovations, both of which present exciting opportunities for local businesses; The South West Food Hub is launching a procurement platform, supported by Crown Commercial Services, to enable small food producers to supply large public institutions. The HIVE is working to tackle hunger, and the food system’s carbon footprint, by transforming farm gate surplus into meals, with a current production of 15,000 meals per week. The third presentation was by Professor Stefano Pascucci of University of Exeter Business School, whose research work focuses on regenerative and regional circular food systems.

You can view presentation slides from this event by using the following link:

Circular Food Systems – Presentation slides

The HIVE Presentation Slides

SW Food Hub for Cornwall – Presentation slides

The recording from the session is available in this video, and the agenda below can be used to jump to the section you want to watch.


9.30: Welcome and Tevi overview – Amanda Goodwin, Tevi

9.45: Cornwall’s food system & the opportunities for circularity – Stefano Pascucci, University of Exeter Business School

10.00: A new procurement platform to support small food producers to supply large public institutions – Greg Parsons, South West Food Hub

10.15: Harnessing farm gate surplus to feed those in need – Brian Honey-Morgan, The HIVE

10.30: Interactive Q&A