Tevi has been leading the development of Lagas (a Cornish word meaning ‘eye’), a new environmental intelligence platform for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. Alongside live wildlife cameras positioned within the premises of Tevi partner businesses across the county, Lagas provides a platform for a wide range of environmental data, publicly available and fully accessible, bringing together cutting-edge University of Exeter research alongside the work of Cornwall Council and Cornwall Wildlife Trust. The driving force behind Lagas has been the pioneering Environmental Growth Strategy for the region.


Lagas is now live, and the launch events to herald the arrival of the site are now well underway. Sessions have been provided by Dr Stephen Lowe and Dr Ed Glücksman of Tevi, alongside Dr Jonathan Mosedale of the SWEEP project.

Launch events

Following an introduction to University of Exeter staff based at the Environmental Sustainability Institute, we have recently held initial training sessions to introduce users to the new platform, starting with two sessions for Cornwall Council staff. In total, the workshops, held over Microsoft Teams due the ongoing restrictions caused by the Covid 19 pandemic, were attended by over 150 members of staff from across Cornwall Council’s departments.

These sessions were followed by a workshop provided to Cornwall Wildlife Trust, introducing Lagas to staff members and trustees. Once again, we were able to hold the workshop remotely using Teams.


A key part of all of the workshops was a Q&A session, enabling attendees to propose questions and explore the potential uses of Lagas with members of the team. These covered such issues as the potential role of Lagas to embed biodiversity net gain within developing local neighbourhood plans, the availability of data, compatibility with other spatial data platforms and the exploration of new data sets as the platform develops.

Lagas Showcase

Most recently, Lagas was showcased alongside several other exciting natural capital and environmental intelligence tools at the SWEEP Expo, a conference focusing on the South West’s natural environment, natural capital resources and ecosystem services. The (virtual) event was attended by hundreds of delegates, including Shadow Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, and Plymouth MP, Luke Pollard. This provided an excellent platform for Tevi to announce the arrival of Lagas, and to mark Cornwall out as a leader in environmental intelligence and sustainability led development.

Development of Lagas will continue, based on the feedback provided by users, further deployment of wildlife cameras and the continued roll-out of Tevi’s sensor network.

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