Tevi’s Environmental Intelligence data hub, Lagas, is now live, and available to view at https://lagas.co.uk/. This web platform, developed by Tevi with Truro based Vitamin Cornwall, allows Cornwall to share its Environmental Growth vision, to help guide the decisions of businesses, planners and the public.


Lagas, and the wider focus on Environmental Growth within the county, shines a light on Cornwall’s relationship with the environment. A focus on Environmental Growth allows for an economy to work with, rather than in opposition to, nature. This allows us to promote, improve and protect delicate ecosystems and landscapes from harm, preserves these resources for the future, and allows us to continue to reap the benefits of this healthy and diverse environment.

Lagas is also contributing to a greater wider understanding of the environment. As such, we hope that it will become a key feature of the University of Exeter’s Environmental Intelligence focus as it develops, and helps us to address a wide range of environmental challenges. The platform will evolve, including the development of a live streaming page to showcase our valuable wildlife, over the coming months.

Lagas has been developed at the Environment and Sustainability Institute at the University of Exeter.

It has been developed in partnership between the University of Exeter and Cornwall Council through Tevi, an ERDF project focused on Environmental Growth and Circular Economy within Cornish SMEs. Lagas includes data from Tevi, in addition to the SWEEP project, which is focused on natural capital resources in the South West.

Watch our Lagas webinar now:

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