Circular Self-Assessment now open for Tevi members
Author: Amanda Goodwin 


The Tevi Circular Self-Assessment helps you map and measure where your organisation is excelling, as well as where improvements can still be made, by harnessing circular economy strategies to increase resilience, improve efficiencies, and grow sustainablyThe assessment is designed so that Cornish SMEs can better understand circular economy practice for their own business, and prioritise actions that will have the greatest benefit to them and to the region. 

This assessment will help you to create a baseline overview of all the circular practices and efforts your organisation is currently undertaking. It will also enable you to increase your understanding of different aspects of the circular economy and create an improvement plan.  

The assessment is based on a framework created by Circle Economy. The framework consists of 7 elements that together cover all relevant operational and organisational aspects of the circular economy. Once you complete all 7 sections, you will be knowledgeable of the areas of the circular economy where your company excels, as well as where improvements can still be made. 

Your Tevi Engagement Lead is on hand to work through the assessment with you.

To book your slot please email Amanda on: [email protected]

After working through the assessment with your Engagement Lead you’ll receive: 

  • A co-created tailored action plan for improvements 
  • A detailed report of your scores, opportunity areas and challenges 
  • A comparison of your scores against other Cornish businesses 
  • Access to a range of inspiration case studies  

The Tevi Circular Self-Assessment is one of the solutions we’ve teamed up with Circle Economy in Amsterdam to bring to enterprises in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

Find out more about the partnership and the other solutions here.