Hello, we’re Tevi. Welcome. If you’re here you’ve probably spotted our equipment, and perhaps you’re wondering what it’s all about? We’re very happy to tell you about it, and we thought we could give you a better explanation here than trying to squeeze it on to a small sign.

What is Tevi?

Tevi love Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly (IoS), their environment, people, landscape and wildlife. We’re helping businesses here to grow, while also reducing waste, using resources more efficiently, and protecting and growing our unique environment. Tevi is an ERDF-funded project lead by University of Exeter in Penryn alongside Cornwall Council, Cornwall Wildlife Trust and Cornwall Development Company. If you’re interested find out more about Environmental Growth, Circular Economy and the support we’re giving businesses through events, consultancy and grants you can read more about it on our main pages.

What is the camera for?

We are creating a network of live streaming nature cameras to show people around Cornwall/IoS, the UK and around the world some of our most beautiful landscapes and native wildlife. These will eventually be shown on our online hub, Lagas. We hope to be able to show all kinds native species, including: herring gulls, kittiwakes, red squirrels, beavers, badgers, foxes, grey seals and more. This is important to help monitor the health of these species, but also to show people their value to us. Many will not have seen all of these species before, even people living in Cornwall. We hope you’ll enjoy seeing these unique views.

Should I be concerned about privacy?

We try to position cameras so that they will not view people in an identifiable way. Should we inadvertently record people, please rest assured, these videos will be deleted immediately when we realise this has happened.

Spotted some of our other environmental monitoring equipment?

Find out more about LoRaWAN technology


Thank you!

We really appreciate the overwhelming and continued support we have received for our project from businesses and local communities, together we will make a difference. Thank you Cornwall and Isles of Scilly!