As different parts of the world went into varying levels of lockdown, one positive aspect was the notable reduction in Carbon and other Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions from our industrial areas. Along with reduced manufacturing came a drop in travel and overall activity.

Per the UK Government, businesses are being asked to reopen where social distancing allows. This begs the question – can we use the loss of activity to find a new way of doing things?

Now is the time to pause and plan how we can navigate to a reduced-carbon system as businesses come out of lockdown and back towards full economic activity. Rather than going back to normal, let’s take this opportunity to change the way we do things for the better.

This webinar, presented by Tevi and Agri Tech Cornwall will look at the Carbon produced and emitted using the UK food industry as an example, from farms to food manufacturers to the hospitality industry.

Becky Wilson will open with an introduction to the Soil Carbon Project. The Soil Carbon project is an innovative project that aims to help farmers manage soils in a more sustainable and profitable way. Interest in soils has risen dramatically in recent years, with the prospect of farmers receiving payments for environmental goods and services becoming ever more likely.

Dr Xiaoyu Yan of the University of Exeter will then present a summary of an upcoming carbon impact assessment tool for food manufacturers, including the life cycle environmental impacts of food and how businesses can participate.

Finally, Hugh St Aubyn will explain the benefits of Environmental Management Systems (EMS) and how subscribing to them raises environmental awareness, motivates employees and attracts new customers. He will also explain how to gather and monitor data on energy, waste and water, applying these lessons to his experiences in the hospitality industry.

The virtual floor will then open up to the audience for a live question and answer session with our speakers. We will end with a summary from Professor Steffen Boehm (Principal Investigator of Tevi and Agritech Cornwall) from the University of Exeter’s Business School.

Watch the full webinar here: