A big thank you to everyone who could join us for the launch of the Tevi EV Optimisation Tool!

The result of our Electric Vehicle Optimisation Challenge Network, this evolutionary tool has been a collaboration between SMEs, researchers, policy makers and stakeholders to better decarbonize Cornwall’s transport systems.

We were joined on the day by Rob King form Zedify to hear more about the amazing network of e-cargo bikes zooming (safely) around numerous UK cities from Bristol to Brighton. An area of interest for many of the SMEs and project partners who attended, is the use of e-cargo bikes for ‘last mile’ deliveries.

Tevi’s web-based app allows users to compare the kinds of charging technology available, its costs, technical demands, and appropriateness for their enterprise site. The tool produces a summary of appropriate solutions for each user in relation to their circumstances and the growing demand of charging infrastructure.

The tool also directs users to potential funding streams, such as grants from OLEV (Office of Low Emissions Vehicles) and automatically locates nearby sites that have expressed an interest in installing infrastructure to allow businesses to share costs and optimise the charging network.

Give it a go! evtool.tevi.co.uk


Zedify was launched on clean air day 2018 and now couriers goods in 10 cities across the UK. Suppliers deposit goods in depot outside the city and then the e-cargo bikes take them around the narrower streets. The bikes take regular shorter trips to optimize the load they are carrying with the power of the battery.

The inevitable question of how can Cornwall build an e-transport system in our rural – rather than urban – setting during the Q& A session. Small towns, villages (and cities, in the case of Truro) present a series of new challenges to models that have seen success in larger urban areas with narrow streets and winding lanes presenting difficulties for deliveries – but with improved cycle infrastructure this could change.

The first factor would be safer cycle routes. Rob pointed out that cycle infrastructure is not just the hallmark of the Nordic countries anymore and is improving even in countries like the USA. When e-cargo bikes can travel safely and easily through cities and rat runs can be curtailed, the balance will tip in favour of the zero-emission option for retailers. The second challenge is having large enough distribution centres that are both accessible for national retailers and close enough to the final recipient for e-cargo bikes to efficiently and economically deliver.


Ben Rowswell from the Tevi team was able to share a few slides from the Cornwall Council Local Transport Plan with permission from Sustainable Transport Lead Rebecca Lyle.

Cornwall has an aspiration to net zero emissions by 2030 (ahead of the national target of 2050). Cornwall Council recently published Climate Emergency: Cornwall’s Call for Action, which lays out the roadmap for this process, including active transport and zero carbon travel as a key driver to net zero.



Zedify, Rob King – 00:10:18

Tevi’s EV Optimisation Tool, Dr. Steve Lowe – 00:29:45

Tool Demo  – 00:46:45


Cornwall Council Slides, presented by Tevi’s Ben Rowswell – 01:06:26