The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a roadmap for environmentally and socially responsible business. They form a blueprint for the world we want to live in, aiming to end poverty, reduce inequality and protect the planet. 2020 marks the start of a ‘decade of delivery’; that is, 10 years to make transformational change happen for us all. Further, the SDGs also offer a range of sizeable business opportunities, estimated to be worth around $12 trillion annually. In this context, there are at least 60 market hotspots where business can profitably drive transformation towards the Goals.

We recently ran a workshop to offer our SMEs a chance to better understand the SDGs and how they can be harnessed to grow their business whilst ‘doing good’ for the planet. The workshop included sessions delivered by key actors that are already driving change in alignment with the SDGs.

We were fortunate enough to have Fran van Dijk, partner at One Stone Advisors with us to lead the workshop. Based in Scotland, One Stone are sustainability strategy and communications specialists, supporting enterprises to identify and prioritise key issues, align their activities with sustainability goals, and enhance communications around sustainability. One Stone is a certified B Corporation with globally recognised clients, including Carlsberg Group, Electrolux, Ericsson, Sydney Opera House, Tetra Pak and TUI Group.

Fran was supported by our Matt Hocking and Simon Thomason of Leap, a design agency focused on incorporating people, planet and profit into their design process. As a founding UK B Corporation, and one of the few based in Cornwall, Leap is a pioneer in the subject of sustainability for business, always striving for higher standards. Matt and his team lead a broader network of ‘change makers’ and we look forward to working with them on several future initiatives.

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Our workshop was attended by over 50 representatives of Cornwall’s impressive range of SMEs, ranging from one-person businesses to larger charities. The theory sessions were broken up by practical exercises and supported by Tevi’s broad core team of experts from across its partnership. The agenda offered plenty of time for questions around possibilities for wider support and deeper thinking around facilitating some of Tevi’s Challenge Networks as well as leading a circular economy transition across the UK South West.

If you have any further questions, please contact Edvard Glücksman at [email protected]