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Packshare has a tech solution to help businesses share surplus packaging materials. Tevi was able to provide the support Packshare needed to explore the circular economic potential of the services they offer, through events and consultation.

The client:

Packshare is a small (2 employees) tech company established in Falmouth in 2018. The model is to develop a peer-to-peer app to allow clients (initially business-to-business) to contact each other in order to share surplus packaging products. This eliminates the need to dispose of waste and to expend resources sourcing new packaging.

Although the business is currently focused on clients in Cornwall, Packshare are hoping to develop a versatile, scalable product that can be deployed on a much larger scale.

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What we achieved:

We were able to deliver a series of networking events focused around circular economy. As a newly-formed business, Packshare was seeking opportunities to expand into a network of businesses willing to engage with circular economic challenges. Furthermore, Tevi designed a bespoke environmental policy for the business. Packshare were invited to take part in a video showcasing the impact of Tevi, which will enable further exposure for the business. Finally, Tevi is assisting Packshare to apply for grant funding to finance a new project, which is expected to further develop the business.

  • “It’s felt really supportive to know that Tevi have got my back. Starting Packshare has been very daunting, and Tevi have really taken a lot of the stress out of it. With support from Tevi we’re really hoping we can expand outside of Cornwall and internationally, and change the way the world thinks about packaging.”

    Roo Pescod from Packshare

The Tevi team:

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