National Maritime Museum Cornwall

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The National Maritime Museum Cornwall (NMMC) is a Falmouth based museum and tourist attraction. Tevi was able to assist the NMMC in addressing energy and waste management challenges.


The client:

The NMMC is a landmark tourist attraction located on reclaimed land in Falmouth, celebrating the connection Cornwall maintains with the sea, shipping and boats. It also houses the National Small Boat Collection. Recent public focus on marine plastic provides an opportunity to involve the NMMC in promoting conservation, circular economics and environmental growth.  

In addition to the museum site, NMMC owns the Park and Float site at Ponsharden. The organisation is funded primarily through charitable donations and ticket salesThe business employs 28 full time staff, and is not affiliated with the Maritime Museum in Greenwich.

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What we achieved:

We were able to assist the museum through analysis of their waste and energy needs and their connection with the immediate marine environment. Two potential solar arrays were identified on the museum’s roof. The NMMC has taken advice from BRE Solar on the siting of the panels, and hopes to install an array which can meet most of the power requirements of the site.

The main focus of the museum’s waste analysis was the management of food waste generated by the on-site café. In-vessel composting options are being explored, potentially in conjunction with other food businesses located in Discovery Quay.

Tevi also hopes to install an underwater camera at NMMC, with potential to incorporate imagery into the museum’s exhibits (possibly including live streams). This will enable monitoring and increase awareness of the aquatic wildlife found in Falmouth harbour.

The Tevi team:

Dr Stephen Lowe Mapping, Data
Cornwall Sustainability Awards

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