TeviLIFE-C Camera Traps

Quick Start Guide:

Step 1 – Device Setup

Step 2 – Video Setup

Step 3 – Position the Camera

Step 4 – Check-up

Step 5 – Getting the videos to us at Tevi


TeviLIFE-C Camera Trap Equipment

  • Camera
  • 8x Batteries
  • SD card (16GB)
  • Tree strap

Step 1 – Device Setup

  • Unclip front panel from side clip
  • Press Battery Eject button. Pull tray out from base (comes completely out)
  • Insert batteries and replace with slight click
  • SD card slot is slightly above battery tray at base of device
  • Firmly push SD card in with slight click

Step 2 – Video Setup

  • Switch device ON by using sliding button, it is not touch screen

The home screen will initially display the live image from the camera to help with positioning later on

  • Press the Mode button for MENU screen




  • Press E button to select the CAMERA SETUP


Please note the date is in American: MM/DD/YY

Set date & time


Set to VIDEO


Set to 30 SECONDS


Set to HD (1080p)


Switch to OFF


Set to FAST for a 0.2 second trigger speed


Economy—for wooded areas, Long range—for open areas, Blur reduction–for fast moving creatures


Switch to ON

Step 3 – Position the Camera

  • Use tree strap supplied to attach to post or tree

Avoid aiming the camera at the public, we cannot accept videos with people in them 

  • Don’t be tempted to put the camera too high, less than 3 feet off the ground is perfect for most animals in the UK
  • Remember, the home screen displays the live camera image so use this to help

…but if you really struggle to angle the camera where you want, get in touch and we can discuss mounting options

  • Leave switch in ‘ON’ position and close the case with the side clip

Step 4 – Check-up 

  • We recommend checking on the camera trap the next day, or as soon as possible, to make sure it is still secure

If you are siting the camera in an area open to the public where you think there could be a high risk of theft or vandalism, please let us know and we can discuss security options 

  • The PLAYBACK option from the menu can be used to quickly see if you have caught anything on camera! There is no audio on playbacks until the videos are opened on a computer
  • If nothing appears on the PLAYBACK but you are sure there was activity, try re-positioning the camera


Step 5 – Getting the videos to us at Tevi

  • To remove SD card, push lightly, it will spring back out
  • Using an SD card reader, save the videos to your computer

…if you don’t have a separate SD card reader or one in your computer, let us know and we can sort one out for you

  • Select your best videos and copy them to our OneDrive using the link you received by email
  • Delete all the videos you have downloaded from the SD card via your computer or when you put it back in the camera


Keep an eye on our environmental monitoring hub Lagas.co.uk to see when your videos are up!


This guide is also available as a pdf download.

For more details see the manufacturer’s instruction manual (pdf download)


Any Questions?

Contact us: [email protected]


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