The unique business support programme for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly that builds businesses and enhances the natural environment.

Tevi can:

1 Reduce your waste & cut energy usage
2 Save your business time
3 Make you money
4 Give your business support of £1000+

What is Tevi?

Tevi is a partnership between the University of Exeter, Cornwall Council, Cornwall Wildlife Trust and the Cornwall Sustainability Awards. We use circular economy and environmental growth strategies to help businesses improve their processes, save money and benefit Cornwall’s natural environment.

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  • “Tevi has provided tangible benefits to my business. The engagement was very positive from the start, provoking me to think about ways to grow. Tevi also carried out incredibly useful research into orchards in Cornwall, helping me identify new suppliers.  Speaking at an event for five minutes led to growing interest in my products, and I’m looking forward to working with the Business School on a growth strategy.”


    Mark Rudge of Wasted Apple

Wasted Apple Co Ltd

Wasted Apple don’t like to see apples go to waste. Their unique business model takes waste apples from orchard owners, who are unable to pick or use all the apples themselves, and makes them into delicious Cornish craft cider. In exchange the orchard owners are given some of the cider. As this successful business has grown, they have faced a major challenge – finding more waste apples in Cornwall.

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