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Scroll down to find out how the Tevi Team have been developing the Circular Economy across Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly and growing the environment at the same time….

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Making the Circular Economy Work

Hosted by Tevi, this online session brought together sustainability professionals and businesses that successfully contribute to a circular economy (CE) transition in Cornwall, Scotland and the Netherlands and aimed to reconcile best practice approaches. The event involved the presentation of three programmes aiming to promote the transition to CE through business support, stakeholder engagement and […]

Connecting with nature in Cornwall

The fourth event in a series sharing projects promoting our connection with nature, this event brought together enterprises BF adventure and Nature Connects to showcase their successes in engaging people with nature and to discuss the challenges they have faced. Dan Raven-Ellison also shared insights into campaigning for increased connectivity between people and nature through […]

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    Steve Evans – Director, Tree Investment Ltd
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    Mark Duddridge – Chair CIoS LEP
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    Craig Bennett – CEO, The Wildlife Trusts
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    Professor Stefano Pascucci – University of Exeter
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    Peter Lefort – Cornwall Council
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    Dr Alison Greenwood – A Dose of Nature
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    Alberto Minguela – HSSMI
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    Simone Gager – Circle Economy
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    Graciela Melitsko – Julie’s bicycle
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    Emily Stevenson – Beach Guardian
  • “Tevi has provided tangible benefits to my business. The engagement was very positive from the start, provoking me to think about ways to grow. Tevi also carried out incredibly useful research into orchards in Cornwall, helping me identify new suppliers.  Speaking at an event for five minutes led to growing interest in my products, and I’m looking forward to working with the Business School on a growth strategy.”


    Mark Rudge of Wasted Apple
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    Mark Roberts – Conscious Creatives
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    Professor Jane Wills – University of Exeter
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    Justine Laurent – Circulab
  • “It’s felt really supportive to know that Tevi have got my back. Starting Packshare has been very daunting, and Tevi have really taken a lot of the stress out of it. With support from Tevi we’re really hoping we can expand outside of Cornwall and internationally, and change the way the world thinks about packaging.”

    Roo Pescod from Packshare
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    Esther Goodwin Brown – Partnerships Manager and Strategist – Circular Jobs Initiative, Circle Economy
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    Dr Robert Pell – Director, Minviro Ltd
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    Rob Kelly – CEO The Thrive Programme
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    Dr Stephen Lowe – Tevi
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    Steve Skinner – Skinners Brewery
National Maritime Museum Cornwall

The National Maritime Museum Cornwall (NMMC) is a Falmouth based museum and tourist attraction. Tevi was able to assist the NMMC in addressing energy and waste management challenges.

Wasted Apple Co Ltd

Wasted Apple make Cornish craft cider using apples that would otherwise go to waste. They needed more apples so the Tevi experts produced a digital map of more than 750 Cornish orchards to help locate supplies and grow their business.

Packshare Ltd

Packshare has a tech solution to help businesses share surplus packaging materials. Tevi was able to provide the support Packshare needed to explore the circular economic potential of the services they offer, through events and consultation.

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  • What is circular economy?

    Circular economy is about moving away from the prevailing throwaway culture and finding ways to make better use of our resources. A circular economy strives to maintain the value of materials and products for as long as possible, minimise waste and resource use, create new values from products when they reach the end of their life, and reduce negative environmental impacts and instead contribute to environmental growth.

    The circular economy increases resource efficiency by closing loops of resource flows. Adopting circular economy practices has direct benefits for companies, such as:

    • Greater resource supply security and cost stability
    • Access to new markets and sources of income
    • Brand protection
    • Reduced waste management costs
    • Meeting increasingly stringent and sometimes punitive regulations

    Half of business leaders in the world are already looking to join the circular economy, from multi-nationals to SMES and new start-ups.

    However, embedding circular economy practices into business operations is not without challenges. Knowledge about circular economy and available technologies may be limited, and it can be difficult to find time to inventory the necessary details for an informed decision. Accessing capital for circular economy innovations can also pose a hurdle. Finding customers for waste outputs or reliable suppliers of recovered resources isn’t always straight forward either. Often new collaborations are required when joining the circular economy.

    Tevi can support companies to overcome these challenges and help them to capitalise on the business opportunities offered by the circular economy.

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